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Shen Yun, das weltbeste Ensemble für klassischen chinesischen Tanz, bringt diese traditionelle und spirituelle Kultur, die im heutigen China nicht mehr zu. Shen Yun Performing Arts, früher als Divine Performing Arts bekannt, ist ein Ensemble für Darstellende Kunst und Unterhaltung mit Sitz in New York. Es zeigt klassischen chinesischen Tanz, chinesische Volkstänze und Tänze nationaler Minderheiten. Daten, Städte und Ticket-Informationen von Shen Yun Performing Arts. Jedes Jahr präsentiert Shen Yun weltweit die Schönheit des klassischen Chinesischen​. Shen Yun Performing Arts, früher als Divine Performing Arts bekannt, ist ein Ensemble für Darstellende Kunst und Unterhaltung mit Sitz in New York. Es zeigt​. Originalkarten jetzt zu Top-Preisen bestellen und Shen Yun Performing Arts live erleben. Einfach & % sicher beim Marktführer!

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Shen Yun Performing Arts, früher als Divine Performing Arts bekannt, ist ein Ensemble für Darstellende Kunst und Unterhaltung mit Sitz in New York. Es zeigt klassischen chinesischen Tanz, chinesische Volkstänze und Tänze nationaler Minderheiten. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Shen Yun Performing Arts, früher als Divine Performing Arts bekannt, ist ein Ensemble für Darstellende Kunst und Unterhaltung mit Sitz in New York. Es zeigt​.

Shen Yun Video

Shen Yun Video

Shen Yun. How do they do it? Zuschauer sagen vor laufender Kamera ihre Meinung über Shen Yun. Oktoberabgerufen am Februarabgerufen am 2. Shen Yun synchronisiert nahtlos alle Aspekte des Bühnengeschehens. Zuschauer über Shen Yuns chinesische Tanz- und Musikproduktion. Seit dieser Eröffnungssaison expandierte das Unternehmen und hatte zunächst zwei Tourneegruppen Dutzenden von Tänzern, Solisten und Orchestermusikern, die gleichzeitig sieben Monate im Jahr auf Welttournee gehen und in Europa, Nordamerika, Südamerika, Asien wiederholung bachelor Australien Ozeanien auftreten. Shen Yuns Nachwuchsstars demonstrieren deutsch lego chima athletische Bandbreite des klassischen chinesischen Tanzes. Shen Yun berichtete, dass chinesische Spione link Bewegungen fotografieren und mobile Anrufe abhören würden. Chinas wahre Kultur erleben Vor shen yun Augen der Zuschauer entfaltet sich ein faszinierendes Bild der ältesten Zivilisation der Menschheit.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Januar , abgerufen am Auf seiner Welttournee gab es Aufführungen in Städten in 19 Ländern. Bis zum Ende der Welttournee hatten schätzungsweise eine Million Menschen die Aufführungen der Tanztruppe gesehen. Watch Video. A must see! The neutrality of this article is disputed. New York Times. Continue reading your browser for the best jack ketchums evil. Maybe when they have a sixth, I will go. Deerpark, New YorkClick here. August 20, shen yun shen yun Willkommen auf der Seite von Shen Yun Performing Arts bei Hier finden Sie Tour Daten, News, Bilder & Steckbrief. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Shen Yun. Die Veranstaltung wurde vom auf den verschoben. Bereits gekaufte Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit. Bei weiteren Fragen. Shen Yun. The world's premier classical Chinese dance company, Shen Yun brings to life a lost culture through profoundly beautiful art. Tag #ShenYun. Eine glorreiche, fast verloren gegangene Kultur wird zu neuem Shen yun erweckt! Was ist neu? Was macht Shen Yun einzigartig? Die Geschichte eines Gentlemen-Trinkspiels in alten Zeiten. Shen Yun, das weltbeste Ensemble für klassischen chinesischen Tanz, bringt diese traditionelle und spirituelle Kultur, die im heutigen China nicht mehr zu sehen ist, auf die Bühne zurück. Ein learn more here animiertes Bühnenbild nimmt das Publikum mit auf eine märchenhafte Reise durch Raum und Zeit. Online bleach traten 52 mal auf in 12 Ländern und in 17 Städten. Es ist etwas, das mit dem kulturellen Gedächtnis bzw. Mythen, Legenden und historische Begebenheiten der Vergangenheit bis zur Gegenwart Chinas werden mit dem klassischen chinesischen Tanz dargestellt.

Seek Him above the canopy of stars! As one audience member, Dr. Today, in a world where classical arts often struggle to survive and new and bizarre art forms are often difficult to digest, the idea of a divine culture of clear beauty made by the Creator that is now under attack, as it quite literally is by the Chinese communist regime, is perhaps the greatest story of our time.

Despite the accusation, Shen Yun is not Falun Dafa propaganda. Art and entertainment speak for themselves.

Although, if you go by one Merriam Webster definition, these might all be technically propaganda. I refer to the loaded, negative sense of the word.

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a peaceful spiritual practice brutally persecuted by the communist regime in China.

The totalitarian regime utilizes real life-destroying propaganda against Falun Dafa. According to Shen Yun, many of its performers practice Falun Dafa and many performers and their families have faced persecution in China.

It is a terrible faux pas that such critics have made. I suspect they are blinded by extreme political correctness and, ironically, a new form of bigotry.

Audience members without any agenda are seeing Shen Yun for what it is. Photo of Falun Gong practitioners before arrest. It was made public in by Master Li Hongzhi.

It became hugely popular until it was banned in by the Chinese Communist Party, which saw the spirituality of Falun Dafa as a threat to its officially atheist government.

The human rights abuses, detailed by Freedom House , Amnesty International, and countless eyewitness accounts, are truly atrocious and a matter of urgency.

To understand the blunder of calling Shen Yun Falun Dafa propaganda more fully, one only needs to look at the name Falun Dafa itself.

Even before Buddhism emerged 2, years ago, the symbol was widely used in ancient India and is also found among cultures around the world, from ancient Greece to the Native Americans.

Before the Nazis used the swastika, it was held throughout the world to be a symbol of good luck. It is also paramount to realize that Falun Dafa in itself is representative of Chinese culture, which was always deeply spiritual before communism took hold in and actively started destroying traditional culture during the Cultural Revolution of the s and s.

For instance, the famous Chinese novel, Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin, is entirely framed by a Buddhist monk and Taoist priest talking to each other and by ideas of karma, predestination, and reincarnation.

That is the depths of the spirituality of Chinese culture before communism. For us in the West, who grew up in school systems where teaching Darwinian evolution is mandated and teaching belief in a great and good Creator is considered scandalous, it is difficult to imagine what such a spiritual culture looks like.

Shen Yun gives us an excursion into this delightfully charming and profoundly fascinating world of ancient China. Trying to fit it into a modern Westernized box is a far less rewarding exercise than simply marveling at what it can tell us about the tectonic plates shifting beneath our civilizations and cultures.

Due to popular interest, below is a running list of Shen Yun news as it relates to poetry and the arts. After publishing the above piece, I came across a number of other poets commenting after seeing a Shen Yun performance for themselves.

Interestingly, they often liken the artistry of Shen Yun to the discipline and eye for beauty involved in writing poetry.

Everything from the costuming, to the music, to the storylines, and the pure beauty of the dancing is just breathtaking.

As I say, so far it seems to be one part of a gigantic poem. And here we are, people from all different nationalities, I had people speaking Spanish on the side of me, and I think we all understood the story, the visual story.

Across the pond, Shen Yun has had another run of sold-out performances this month in London.

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Please see our Comments Policy here. I am a dancer and have been using Chinese medicine is my main source of healing for over 25 years.

Thank you for this wonderful article! Sorry for the late response, just getting to these now. Yes, Chinese medicine, most notably perhaps through acupuncture, is another way that ancient Chinese culture has enriched lives of people throughout the West.

Actually, there is a lot more than acupuncture. Thanks, Evan Mantyk. Inspiring ad presentation. I am excited!! Something so obvious for so long and you just went and put it into words.

Way to go… So easy yet so profound! Some breathtaking footage embedded here. I forwarded the posting to my daughter, who is an accomplished dancer.

Thank you, C. To be honest, I have for most of my life felt a bit disconnected from dance. When I was young I was most ardently an artist, later a dabbling musician, and finally a writer and poet.

Shen Yun opened my eyes to dance as a very powerful form of communication and artistic expression.

This was reinforced when I read sections of the Iliad and the Odyssey which feature dance as a marker of civilization at its height.

Swift at the word, obedient to the king, The herald flies the tuneful lyre to bring. Up rose nine seniors, chosen to survey The future games, the judges of the day With instant care they mark a spacious round And level for the dance the allotted ground: The herald bears the lyre: intent to play, The bard advancing meditates the lay.

This is a wonderful, informative and expressive article, Evan, and of particular note are your evocative historical parallels: for example, with the sacking of Constantinople and how this enabled the Renaissance to occur in the West, despite its seeming tragedy.

But then you have a great sense of history. From the dawn of our time here on Earth, humans have always known that there is a reckoning coming — the Egyptians knew it, the Greeks, and the Chinese — all the serious civilisations, including the Hebrews.

This is great stuff — well done. Thanks for the ad info guide, Evan Mantyk. Fantastic review and explanation of the bigger picture!

Hopefully more people will watch Shen Yun and benefits from its superior artistry and energy! Unforgetable and not to be missed!

Yes, you bring up a good point, which is about the healing power of performing arts in general and of music, of dance, of color in particular.

This is something that traditional Chinese medicine tapped and which is now being studied in the West in fields such as Music Therapy.

The Chinese character for medicine contains the character for music. It should also be noted that performing arts and healing also have a long heritage in the West.

The current Broadway musical Farinelli and the King highlights the real life events in which the voice of the castrato opera singer Farinelli was used to cure the depression of Spanish king Philippe V in the s.

That is the natural avenue of arts and entertainment. The Monkey King, probably the greatest hero in all of Chinese culture, who China even named its greatest space satellite after, is in fact a Buddhist priest on a mission to obtain Buddhist scriptures.

His inner form Buddhism is put out front and accepted like a t-shirt one might put on or take off as the communists today prefer , and the fact that his character is presented as a completely unrealistic cross between a cartoon monkey, a warrior, a priest, and a god is overlooked.

Another, example is found in traditional Chinese painting, which looks at the meaning and background and character of the artist as carrying as much or even perhaps more weight than the objective quality of what has been portrayed.

This article is a boon for this site. I have seen it many times but decided a few years ago not to go again.

I would look around the auditorium at the performances and see that it was fully booked. Shen Yun Performing Arts has five companies, including orchestras, that tour for five months each year.

Maybe when they have a sixth, I will go again. Thank you for your comment. Yes, ideally, we could have more performing arts coverage.

When we launch a magazine, it will definitely be a top consideration. A very good article, which touches upon the main aspects one would be interested in when learning about Shen Yun.

To illustrate universal values like the above, which can only be beneficial to human experience, in an exquisite aesthetic expression is what Shen Yun should be praised for, not criticized.

Shen Yun has extracted an essence of that culture and succeeded in presenting it to us in an intelligible, intelligent and delightful way.

Thank you, Daniel, for your insightful comments. After seeing this incredible show, I felt compelled to learn more about pre-communist China.

A red hammer and sickle glowed in the center of the wave. Peter's Free Church in Dundee, Scotland , wrote that although he enjoyed the show, it is "filled with cult messages", writing: "Some of the messages were hardly subtle — not least when the colourful Falun Gong practitioners in the park were beaten up by the black clad villains with the Chinese Communist symbols on their back.

Or when a massive digital wave with an ominous picture of Karl Marx threatened to overwhelm the city, until the light in the form of Li Hongzhi , the Falun Gong leader , dispersed it and destroyed him!

And so it turned out to be. In the symphony orchestra toured to seven American cities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Shen Yun Performing Arts.

Performing arts company related to the Falun Gong. Deerpark, New York , U. The neutrality of this article is disputed.

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