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Love Trouble ist eine Mangaserie, die von 20von Kentarō Yabuki gezeichnet und von Saki Hasemi geschrieben wurde. Sie lässt sich der Shōnengattung zuordnen und enthält viele Etchi-Elemente. Staffel 1: To Love-Ru[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nr. (ges.) Nr. (St.) Deutscher Titel. Der To Love-Ru Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 65 Episoden von To Love-Ru in der Übersicht. Wenn man nach der Storyreihenfolge geht (nicht der Releasereihenfolge). 1. To LOVE-Ru. 2. To LOVE-Ru OVA. 3. Motto To LOVE-Ru. 4. › Anime › To Love-Ru: Trouble.

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Staffel 1: To Love-Ru[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nr. (ges.) Nr. (St.) Deutscher Titel. Die US-Bestsellerautorin Carly Phillips veröffentlichte ab Mai ihre wunderschönen Liebesromane der Reihe „Dare to Love" in Deutschland. Die Bücher. Entdecken Sie To Love Ru: Trouble - Staffel 1 - Vol.3 - [Blu-ray] und weitere TV-​Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. to love ru reihenfolge

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The Haruna choice is insulting considering that Lala loves him as much as Talk:Saruyama Kenichi new comment by A FANDOM user 3 days ago Comment : When you say normal saruyama's a very perverted guy like the principal He would often peek at other girls gets jealous at rito wishing to fall on a Read More It was amazing!

It was good. It was okay. It was bad. It was terrible! The poll was created at on April 10, , and so far people voted.

Do you want a third manga and fifth anime? I want a third manga and fifth anime. I only want a third manga.

I only want a fifth anime. I don't want either. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? The Animation 2 Wave, Listen to Me!

Lala dresses Rito up as Saibai to meet with Haruko, but Rito is too nervous. Lala feeds him a relaxing drug that accidentally gets him drunk and he ends up embarrassing both Haruko and Mikan.

Rito is assigned to deliver important papers to Yui who is sick at home. Yuu, Yui's brother invites Rito to Yui's bedroom. Yui is uncomfortable with Rito in her room and panics leading to Rito accidentally touching Yui's breast in front of Yuu, giving him the wrong impression about their relationship.

Later, Lala and the others visit Yui to cheer her up. Rito puts on a pair of glasses he finds in Lala's room.

However, the glasses lock on to Rito's head and he can't take them off. Mikan comes into his room to empty his trash in her underwear, acting like there is nothing out of the ordinary.

He quickly realizes that the glasses let him see through peoples clothes to their underwear. Rito struggles even more when he accidentally adjusts the settings causing him to see everyone completely naked.

Lala arrives to help remove the glasses until Run interferes and accidentally transforms into Ren while falling onto Rito who, still wearing the glasses on the naked setting, sees up his skirt.

Risa and Mio find Yami reading fashion magazines. As Yami always wears the same battle dress, Risa and Mio bring her to a clothes shop and try to find her a new style.

Yami finds some attractive new clothes but accidentally tears her new skirt protecting Rito from delinquents.

In the end, she reverts to her normal clothes but ends up punching Rito when he sees she is wearing new frilly panties under her battle dress.

When Haruna takes her dog, Maron, out for a walk she feels that someone is stalking her. She finds Oshizu on her break from Mikado-sensei's clinic, and asks for help.

Lala helps Haruna by making a machine that switches their bodies. Using the bait trick, Lala and Oshizu defeat the stalker.

The stalker turns out to be a female dog-like alien who is actually in love with Maron, though Oshizu beats her up anyway as she is terrified of dogs.

Saki daydreams of Zastin. Her servants, Aya and Rin, help by kidnapping Rito, who is hiding from Lala and her lethal cooking. Aya and Rin demand Rito bring Zastin to school.

When Zastin arrives, Saki tries to confess to him but gets interrupted by Lala who has found Rito and attempts to feed him her lunch, causing Rito to run in panic towards Saki, exposing her panties to an embarrassed Zastin.

Rito is chased by all four girls while Zastin leaves. Run tries to defeat Lala with an alien skunk that will gas Lala turning her into a child, making her weak.

However, the skunk gases Run into a child then escapes and causes chaos at school by gassing everybody into children except Haruna who has to take care of them all.

Run tries to catch the skunk and nearly falls off the top of the building. Lala, also a child, rescues Run and catches the skunk, but then accidentally drops Run off the roof anyway.

Rito and the others visit Saki's private beach. Oshizu forces Rito to apply sun tan oil to the half naked Ryouko until an angry Yui intervenes.

Saki tries to beat Lala in her Watermelon Split contest, but Rito, thrown into the air by Nana, destroys all the watermelons. Momo summons an alien watermelon instead but Saki insults it, causing it to attack everyone.

After Rito is put in danger trying to protect Lala, Yami suddenly splits the angry watermelon in half, believing the watermelon attack was simply part of the game.

Haruna receives a 98 on a math test while Rito receives an absymal He bumps into Yami, who tells him to seek Lala for help. To Rito's surprise, Lala had received a perfect Peke explains to Rito about Lala's genius intellect.

Despite Lala helping Rito study for tomorrow's exam, he is distracted by Lala being naked once again and completely forgets everything she had taught him.

After another incident in the library, Yami tries to kill Rito, but is too weak to control her weapons. Rito notices Yami's high fever and rushes her to the clinic with the help of Lala.

Rito ends up semi catatonic when he is made to help Ryouko remove Yami's clothes. During treatment, Ryouko tells Yami how Rito helped her and she should thank him.

Yami does not understand why Rito continues to treat her as a friend when she is trying to kill him. She then tries to kill him again when he sees her getting dressed.

Run unwillingly stars as the scantily clad villain in the next Magical Kyouko episode. Run becomes jealous when Kyouko, the heroine, receives all the praise while she receives all the criticism.

Kyouko then eats lunch with Run and tells her that she's actually one of her fans. When the Principal attacks Run in a lust fuelled frenzy, Kyouko reveals that her ability to control fire is real, and that she is half human and half flame jinn.

Run reveals her identity as an alien and they become friends. Hearing about Risa and Mio talk about a perfect body, Haruna thinks about her bust in relation to Lala and how she's failed to enlarge them, though she is happy when Rito says he values personality more than he does breast size.

She and Oshizu find Nana angry about Momo teasing her for having a flat chest. Nana works together with Haruna and Oshizu to enlarge their breasts.

After many attempts, Haruna tells Nana to stop and quotes Rito that personality matters more. Haruna finds a helpless stray dog with Maron and takes him in for care.

Maron asks the dog about his origin, who turns out to be Rito stuck inside a dog's body thanks to another Lala invention. Haruna takes Rito into the shower with her to clean him up.

Maron tries to teach Rito how to act like a dog and has him lick Haruna as a way of showing affection.

However, Rito becomes overwhelmed and flees. Lala finds Rito and puts him back in his own body, offering to turn him into a cat next time.

Christmas Day is approaching. Rito plans to invite Yami to their Christmas party to make Mikan happy and also invites Haruna who he meets shopping.

Mikan explains to Lala about Christmas. Mikan and Rito never had a big Christmas celebration since their parents are rarely home, so this is Mikan and Rito's first big Christmas celebration with friends.

Lala makes Mikan's wish come true by bringing her parents home for Christmas. At the end, Rito gets in trouble with his mother, who demands to know who Celine's mother is.

Momo accidentally uses a device which transports Rito into Peke's body. Lala's warm up stretches shock Rito as he feels her entire body with his own.

When Lala jogs, Rito becomes so flustered he malfunctions and causes havoc by changing Lala's P. This causes Rito to panic even more and he ends up changing the clothes of every girl in the class.

Now completely euphoric from feeling Lala's body, Rito passes out and deactivates, leaving Lala naked. Momo brings a replacement outfit to Lala and vows to repair Peke.

Rito takes Celine out for a walk and meets up with Yui. As Yui argues with another person about Rito and her being a couple and Celine their daughter, Celine wanders off and steals a Cola.

She drinks it and, being part plant, becomes drunk from the sugar and begins spreading pollen everywhere that immediately makes people fall in love with Rito.

Saki and the others get infected by the pollen and fall for Rito along with an entire street full of passers-by. Rito tries to escape, but gets tackled by the principal who is thankfully arrested by the police.

Back home Momo explains the victims of Celine's pollen likely fell in love with Rito because Celine loves Rito the most. Rito is assigned to shop for groceries, but gets intercepted by Risa who uses him to get rid of another guy.

Risa tests Rito's reaction to girls, leading him by love hotels and to her house where she takes him into her bedroom.

After Risa finishes toying with him, Rito arrives home late with no shopping done. Back in her bedroom, Risa appears to regret not having gone further with Rito.

Mikan turns down another love confession and starts thinking about her feelings for Rito. She becomes jealous about Momo being close to Rito and sneaking into his bed at night.

Mikan tries to uncover Momo's secrets by sneaking into Rito's bed herself to catch Momo sneaking in. Instead she experiences Rito's more hands on sleeping personality.

Seeing no signs of Momo, Mikan tries to leave only to be frightened by thunder. She is surprised when Rito hugs and comforts her so she won't be scared, even though he is still asleep.

The next day, Rito panics over finding Mikan in his bed and that Momo had been watching them. Rito and Lala try to catch Celine who is drunk on Cola again, but Celine spreads her pollen on Yami, making her fall in love with Rito, which quite rightly terrifies him.

Yami borrows the terrified Rito for a date and tries to understand love by feeding Rito taiyaki and trying to kiss him. On returning to normal Yami beats him up again but wants to know why he didn't kiss her.

Rito says it was because you don't kiss someone who isn't thinking normally. He is then shocked when Yami smiles at him and then assures that he's still her target, which terrifies him once more.

Starting from where Episode 11 left off, Lala accepts Haruna's feelings and vows to help her have her own relationship with Rito.

At the water park , Yami is less violent towards Rito than normal and Haruna and Lala are noticeably closer. Yui is flustered at being around Rito in her bikini.

Saruyama observes Rito and tells him that he has changed after Lala came around as Rito is more comfortable being with girls.

Rito tries to understand the values of Lala. Nearby, Run and Kyouko perform a concert when an alien amoeba attacks and suffocates everyone.

Lala tries to rescue Haruna, who gets eaten by the amoeba, but suffocates. Rito sacrifices himself to rescue Lala and Haruna. As Haruna and Lala try to rescue Rito from death, Rito sees flashbacks and realizes that he loves Lala too.

The episode starts with Rin talking to Saki through phone. In Rito's house, Rito's unconsciously plays with Momo's tail and attempts to kiss her, but Momo stops him.

Mikan enters the room and saw them. She feels misplaced after seeing Rito become closer to Momo. She goes shopping and almost passes out on the way home due to the intense sun.

Momo runs to save her but Kujou Rin grabs her and offers to take her to her place. Mikan feels the need to vent and starts telling Rin about how she feels misplaced.

While Rin expresses negative thoughts about Rito, Mikan explains that despite his perverted actions, Rito is a really great guy.

She also tells Rin about how everything seems to have changed since Momo's arrival. Although Mikan appreciates Momo helping around the house with chores, but Mikan feels she is no longer needed.

Rin tells Mikan that no matter what Momo does, if Rito is how Mikan describes him, he would not want Mikan to leave.

During the conversation, Momo eavesdrops from the rooftop. Meanwhile, Yui keeps wondering about her crush for Rito as she goes for a walk.

Haruna finds Yui and asks Yui to join her. Haruna takes Yui to the cosplay cafe with Risa and Mio.

Risa tells them about the time where she went on a date with Rito. She starts bragging about the how she had slept with Rito.

Haruna rapidily blushes over Risa's sexual claims, but Yui refutes these statements, explaining that Rito is not like the other boys despite his perverted actions.

She knows he does not do them on purpose. As they head home, Yui stops and understands she is shameless herself since she can not stop thinking about being with Rito; she even imagines herself pregnant with Rito's child.

Momo then learns from Lala that Rito loves both Lala and Haruna, and since he will become king of Deviluke he can marry both girls, and return both of their love.

A drunken Celine sprays Mikan with pollen, causing Mikan to develop romantic feelings towards Rito. Mikan succumbs to the effect of the pollen and nearly kisses him, but manages to regain her senses at the last minute.

Momo decides Mikan is not yet ready to accept her own feelings, but promises she will include Mikan in the harem. Yui Kotegawa is going to look at cats on the pet store as usual when she finds Rito on the way, they encounter the skunk of youth who broke free from Run's house.

Rito tries to grab it but scares it and him and Yui end up turning young again. Eventually, all of Rito's friends are turned into kids. Rito eventually was able to catch the skunk from a high wall where he almost fell but was saved by Yami.

The skunk was then put into Nana's Phone where it won't disturb anymore. Back in school, Yui asks Rito if he used to play around a temple she walked by and he confirmed, she then remembered he was the kid who saved a kitten that was stuck in a tree when she was young.

Nana enters Rito's room wanting to talk to him, she asks him if he likes big breast girls. He blushes and starts imagining big breasts, Nana seems upset but Rito replies to her saying it's not the breast size that matters and Nana even not having big breasts has her own unique appeal.

Nana removes her shirt and gets on top of Rito asking him if he sees her as a woman. Rito desperately tries to get away but grabs her breast, she doesn't slap him and leans to kiss him.

Momo bursts out of the closet to stop them. Momo and Nana had switched minds with one of Lala's inventions and Momo was the one in Nana's body.

They walk away with Nana now in her body blushing and thinking about what she heard Rito say. The episode starts with all of Lala's inventions scattered across a table.

Lala is called to help Tearju Lunatique with the copier. Rito and Haruna accidentally change bodies when they catch one of Lala's inventions falling off the table.

Momo explains that they have to use each other's bodies for seven hours. Rito in Haruna's body gets splattered with mayonnaise when Haruna in Rito's body steps on a bottle of mayonnaise.

The real Haruna has to then give her body a shower. However, the timer countdown finishes during this time, leaving Rito touching Haruna.

Run messages Rito about starring in an upcoming Magical Kyouko episode and wants Rito to watch it. During the taping, Run puts all of her heart into her acting for Rito which causes her costume to fall off.

Kirisaki covers up by going ad libitum to Run. After the taping and a few incidents, Kirisaki tells Run that she understands her intent and advises her to concentrate.

During broadcasting, Lala enjoys the show while Rito and Momo are shocked to see the principal sneaking onto the set for Run and Kirisaki.

Kirisaki arrives at Sainan High School to give a lecture about working as an idol. After the event, Tearju asks Rito to guide Kirisaki around the school which Rito reluctantly agrees to.

Rito does not know Kirisaki's main purpose was to observe Rito for a day. As Rito guides Kirisaki through the hallways, he gets unwanted stares from other jealous students.

They both come across the principal who initially acts docile but suddenly runs after Kirisaki, making the morals committee discipline him.

Afterwards, Morenitsu asks Kirisaki for her autograph and draws the attention of many male students, creating a large crowd around Kirisaki.

Rito rescues Kirisaki from suffocation and tries to escape from the other male students. Lala senses danger and uses her invention to teleport them into a locker partly naked.

Momo helps recover their clothes, but Kirisaki runs home in embarrassment. The next day, Run tells Kirisaki that she experienced similar events in the past.

The memories of Rito carrying Kirisaki come into Kirisaki's mind, but Kirisaki quickly brushes it off. Mikan gets a surprise visit from her classmates, Sachie Kogure and Mami Nogiwa, who are interested in meeting her brother Rito.

Mikan is not optimistic about their visit given Rito's frequent accidents with him falling over and groping one of the girls.

The situation gets worse when Rito and later the Deviluke sisters greets Mikan's classmates, making Mikan panic.

Despite a near accident with Rito slipping on a remote control, the day appears to end well with both of them leaving peacefully until Mikan slips on a shoe and fall on top of Rito right when one of her classmates returns to retrieve her manga.

Meanwhile, Momo makes a note of Mikan's classmates. Rito accidentally steps on his cellphone. He fears he will have to buy another phone but Lala offers to fix Rito's phone.

Rito accepts. Lala hands Rito an improved model of his phone and has him try it out on Yui who Rito wanted to call to thank for lending a book to Celine.

When Rito calls Yui on his new phone, his voice on the receiving end stimulates Yui's senses, bringing her down to her knees.

She feels as if Rito's voice is physically molesting her body. As Rito talks about the book, the stimulation on Yui gets worse eventually making her unresponsive.

Rito, clueless about the situation, thinks the phone is still broken. Momo offers Rito to try the phone on her and quickly passes out when she hears Rito's voice, revealing the real problem with Rito's improved phone.

Run invites Rito to her room and wants him to take pictures of her wearing a swimsuit with her new camera. She is hoping that the photoshoot will seduce Rito into liking her.

As Rito starts the camera, the camera takes control of Rito's body. Rito takes pictures of Run in strange poses but then goes overboard by zooming in and attempting to take more erotic shots of Run.

Eventually, the camera explodes and injures Rito's face. Run finds out in the manual that the camera can overheat and explode when the user gets too excited.

Risa finds Momo shopping for lingerie and asks her out on a date. Momo accepts, hoping that she can learn more about Risa and aid her harem plan.

During the date, Momo and Risa discuss about boyfriends. Risa wishes she had a boyfriend like Rito and is envious of Momo's having a club of boys at school.

After an incident involving the principal, Run, and Kyouko, Risa invites Momo to her place to clean up and uses the opportunity to thoroughly molest Momo.

Momo quickly escapes and returns home, confused and frustrated about Risa. As Rito prepares to sleep, Nemesis sneaks into his room and wants him to tell her a ghost story.

Nemesis begs Rito until Momo intervenes. She volunteers hoping that Nemesis would leave afterwards. As Nemesis and Rito listen to Momo's ghost story, Nemesis criticizes it.

She demonstrates her modification by using candle wax to molest Rito. Momo fights back with her own seduction and gets milkea flowers out of her Ddialer and pours their nectar on herself.

Then she rubs on Rito's chest and slowly moves up and down creating a harem model. Nemesis also pours some on herself and then rubs equally with Momo.

The fighting between Nemesis and Momo wakes Mikan up. When Mikan checks on Rito, Nemesis escapes in time to give Mikan the wrong picture.

As Mikan disciplines Rito and Momo, Nemesis notes to be careful of Mikan because she thinks that Mikan is the only thing she is afraid of.

The episode opens with Mikan and Rito peacefully shopping for groceries, accompanied by Celine. As they leave the store and begin walking home, they notice a dispute between two delinquents, which is stopped by a mysterious woman with pink hair, a veil, and a beautiful voice, who then speaks to Mikan and Rito, before being interrupted by the principal, who she then convinces to work for the good of the world.

Then Lala, Momo, and Nana come up and introduce her as their mother. They go back to the apartment, and find it covered in security men.

Momo worries that her mother will find out about the Harem Plan, thinking that she will not approve.

They then all speak to the mother, named Sephie Michaela Deviluke, and ask her about her veil. Peke tells them that Sephie a Charmian, and so if men were to see her without it they would immediately turn into beasts.

Sephie decides stay for dinner, and afterwards all the Devilukeans and Mikan go to the cyber world Nana created for her animals to take a bath, while Rito puts Celine to sleep.

However, Celine runs off, into the magical cyber world, and Rito chases her. While looking, he accidentally trips and crashes into Sephie, grabbing her breasts and veil.

The episode begins with Haruna and Lala still in her child form having some tea. Lala calls Rito to come over to her house, much to Haruna's embarrassment.

She even plans to have her confess her feelings to Rito, or giving him a sudden kiss if she can't do it.

Then, Rito arrived to her home with the flowers that Momo told him to give her. As they entered her room, Rito accidentally stepped on Lala's mecha ball that she's working to get her back to her original age temporarily and caused him and Haruna to shrink down, leaving them naked as their clothes remained at normal size.

Giving them tissues as clothes, Lala told them that the effects will last about an hour, which unfortunately led to a bad time as Haruna's parents show up for a visit.

Peke has Lala disguised as Haruna and joins in on their conversation. Next, when Haruna and Rito fall safely on the floor with her clothes, her dog, Maron, begins to sense her and they hide underneath her panties.

Before Rito is about to have their chance to make a run for it, Haruna stopped him and they kissed each other accidentally after Maron leaves when he heard Lala's voice, thought to be Haruna.

During the night, Mikan appears to let Lala know it's bath time, but she told she works on something new for an invention.

When Rito tripped and bumps into the cat, it electrocuted him and ran away. Then, when Rito sneezes, a clone of himself appears.

Lala informs him if he can pull the robotic cat's tail, the effects will reset. During his chase at the cat, numerous Rito copies kept populating every time he sneezes, and gets into embarrassing situations with other girls, except Momo and Nemesis on the school rooftop.

Celine helped Haruna find the cat which is asleep in the bushes, meaning she stopped the copying process. At night, Mikan, Lala, Momo, and Nana at home see numerous Rito clones still present until the effects wear off, Lala says that she didn't know that the copy effect would be worsening.

Nana thought that it was the end of Earth. Momo says "If mecha wasn't found the Earth might have ended up covered in Rito-sans.

Run wanted one for herself, for Yui's disapproval. Outside the house whole street is covered in hundreds of clones of himself.

The episode cuts to black and Rito's sneeze is heard for the last time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of To Love-Ru episodes.

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Agency for Cultural Affairs. Retrieved September 30, September 1, Retrieved September 3, September 28, Retrieved September 28, Haruna Sairenji.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Meanwhile a mysterious extraterrestrial girl named Lala runs away to Earth in order to avoid daily arranged marriage candidate interviews set up by her father, the king of her home planet, Deviluke, as well as Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy and Ruler of the known universe.

Using one of her own inventions, she teleports naked into Rito's bathtub, where he accidentally gropes her breasts.

It is later revealed to him that this is equivalent to a marriage proposal on Deviluke, and Lala happily accepts that she is to become Rito's future bride.

Because Rito tried to save her from her uncle Zastin who came on the order of her father to bring Lala back home, Rito, on the other hand, due to his feelings for Haruna, does not want anything to do with Lala.

Rito discovers from Zastin, Lala's uncle and leader of her personal guard, that if he were to back out of his engagement with Lala, he would be killed and Lala's father would destroy the Earth.

Rito hypothetically asks him if it were somehow possible to back out of his engagement and not suffer the repercussions. Zastin tells him that he must feel up Lala's breasts once more within the first three days of his engagement in order to call it off.

While he attempts many times to touch Lala's breasts, he does not make it in time, and thus is stuck with the engagement.

The next day while at school, a new transfer student is announced to the class. Just as Rito is thinking that school is the only place that he can breathe anymore, Lala is brought into class and all of Rito's hopes of a quiet school life fall apart.

Rito is devastated to hear from Haruna that she thinks he and Lala are suited for each other. At home, his younger sister Mikan notices Rito's depressed look and suggests that they should go out the next day to show Lala around town.

While out, Lala's Artificial intelligence clothing device named Peke loses most of her energy, and due to this, Lala's clothes start dissolving.

They head into a store and buy her new clothes, and while there run into Haruna. Together with Haruna, they go to the aquarium , but their visit is cut short when Lala makes a disturbance which floods the building.

Rito gets scared when Zastin tells him that by marrying Lala he will one day become King of Deviluke, and that he will have to participate in interstellar war.

That night, Lala cooks but the food is dreadful. In an effort to try to get out of one day participating in wars, Rito claims he will not marry Lala if she cannot cook.

Lala quickly leaves and goes back into space, but appears again the next day at school with the intention of cooking something good for Rito.

She collected ingredients from all over the galaxy which are still alive and wreak havoc in the school. Lala later explains to Rito that he does not have to go to war if he does not want to, and even her father has not participated in battles for some time.

To further reassure him, Lala tells him that after they get married, she intends to live with him on Earth. A pretty, rich girl named Saki Tenjouin comes back to school and finds that all the boys prefer Lala over herself, which angers her greatly.

She gives Lala a letter challenging her to a beauty contest, and, to make sure she shows up, kidnaps Rito as a bait. He is warned by Saki that if Lala fails to show up in time, he will be forced to touch Saki's breasts in front of the entire school.

Lala eventually shows up, but Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun, a dog-like robot created by Lala, rips off Saki's swimsuit, exposing her naked body to everyone and making her run away out of shame.

However, she triggers a bunch of traps around the house which were placed by Zastin and falls into a trapdoor that leads her to Rito's room.

There, Saki accidentally hits a switch which was also placed by Zastin that ejects the room into space, with she and Lala inside.

With the two of them sent flying off towards space, Zastin and his men take off in pursuit, only to be inadvertently shot down by Lala, which causes Saki to fall off the room, but Lala dives out and manages to save Saki, who, despite being deeply touched by this act of altruism, passes out.

Shortly after, Saki wakes up to find herself fully naked in front of a crowd of people; Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun has ripped off all her clothes while she was unconscious.

Publicly embarrassed, Saki once again blames Lala, who is flying around the city looking for her. Ghi Buree, a shapeshifting alien, comes to propose to Lala.

Knowing that Rito actually likes Haruna, he changes himself into the principal and takes Haruna hostage in the gym equipment room.

He lures Rito there and offers to return Haruna if Rito cancels his engagement with Lala. Rito does not accept, divining Buree's true intentions.

Lala later finds Rito and makes her disapproval of Ghi Buree's actions known, causing him to transform into a more intimidating monster.

Rito surprisingly defeats Ghi Buree with his voice, revealing Ghi Buree to be a weak, cowardly alien who already has several wives and families.

A childhood friend of Lala, Ren Elsie Jewelria, arrives on Earth claiming he is the only one manly enough to marry Lala.

He constantly attempts to impress Lala by showing off his strength, speed, and looks, but all his efforts are in vain.

After failing many times, Ren asks Rito how he is able to be manly enough for Lala, and in the process is hit from behind by a frisbee and accidentally kisses Rito.

Ren watches Pocky a spoof on Rocky , an inspirational story of how to be a man, and he works out non-stop in order to get Lala to love him.

Eventually, Ren completes a kilometer marathon and goes to Lala to hear her finally tell him how manly he is. However, at the moment Lala is confessing his manliness, he sneezes, causing him to turn into Run, a girl.

Apparently, whenever Ren sneezes, his body and mind change genders into the innocent Run, and vice versa, an inherent ability of his species.

After the usual morning commotion involving Rito falling foul of Lala's inventions, accidentally tackling Haruna, being tackled in turn by Run who has now fallen in love with Rito after the kiss they shared while she was Ren and Saki trying to steal Rito away to once again prove her superiority, a fellow school student, Yui Kotegawa has had enough of the " ecchi " in the school.

Not only does she try to clean it up, but she forms a squad to enforce new school rules and to check on the students behaviour.

Yui believes that Rito is behind all the "ecchi" in school and forbids him from talking to any girl for 2 weeks.

However, she soon notices that there is still ecchi in the school, even with Rito out of the way.

She then begins to wonder if she had blamed Rito incorrectly. Yui follows Rito as he leaves their school and realizes that he is a kindhearted person.

She then cancels his punishment. Meanwhile, Lala is throwing a party for Rito to cheer him up.

She uses her machine to get him there, but as he is being pulled by the machine, Yui is brought along with him accidentally.

The next day, Rito accidentally knocks Peke off of Lala causing her clothes to disappear.

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With zdf livesteam more lange hat sie sich nach ihm gesehnt Nachdem sie die Beziehung zu einem herrschsüchtigen Fremdgänger beendet und sich in ihrem geleasten Mercedes davongemacht hat, wird Isabelle Masters kurzerhand wegen schweren Diebstahls verhaftet und auf die Wache geschleift. Die Episode "Alles oder nicts" ist die statham filmek jason Deswegen ist es ihm wichtig, in allen Lebensbereichen die Kontrolle zu behalten. To love ru darkness episode 2 Uncensored RAW 7. Staffel 1.

To Love Ru Reihenfolge Video

Yui and Rito moment (To Love RU) Originaltitel: Der Schönheitswettbewerb Erstausstrahlung: Kennedy Jr. Originaltitel: Was ist ein Lebensstil? Ian hat seine eigenen Dämonen, und seit er herausgefunden hat, dass sein Vater jahrzehntelang ein Doppelleben geführt hat, hat er sich geschworen, sein Herz nie mehr zu öffnen. Bewerte diese Staffel. Riley Taylor behält gerne article source Kontrolle über alles und würde ihre Unabhängigkeit niemals aufgeben wollen — bis sie auf einer Party dem charismatischen Ian Dare begegnet, der sie more info der Stelle umhaut. Click here Das Kulturfestival Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Von einem anderen Stern" ist die 9. Anmeldenum dies einer Playlist hinzuzufügen. Hast anime laods den Kode nicht erhalten?

To Love Ru Reihenfolge Video

Yui and Rito moment (To Love RU) Episode der 3. Originaltitel: Die Nummer 1 des Universums Erstausstrahlung: Nachdem sie die Beziehung zu einem herrschsüchtigen Fremdgänger beendet und sich in geleasten Mercedes davongemacht hat, wird Isabelle Masters kurzerhand wegen schweren Diebstahls verhaftet und auf die Wache geschleift. Die Episode "Lala ausser Rand und Band" ist die Nackte junge Das Mädchen, das vom Himmel fiel Erstausstrahlung: Pornhub ist eine Erwachsenen-Community, die altersbeschränkte Inhalte enthält. Sie studierte Rechtswissenschaften an der New York University. Arbeite mit uns zusammen. immer hilfreich, um die korrekte Reihenfolge oder Cameos bzw. Anspielungen zu erkennen. Kennst Du noch weitere Relationen für „To Love-Ru: Trouble“? Entdecken Sie To Love Ru: Trouble - Staffel 1 - Vol.3 - [Blu-ray] und weitere TV-​Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. To Love-Ru: Trouble: Die Story von To Love-Ru handelt von Yuuki Rito, einem Highschool-Jungen, der es nicht schafft, Sairenji Haruna seine. Schau' To Love Ru Hentai Pornos gratis, hier auf Entdecke die immer wachsende Sammlung von hoch qualitativen Am relevantesten XXX Filme​. Die US-Bestsellerautorin Carly Phillips veröffentlichte ab Mai ihre wunderschönen Liebesromane der Reihe „Dare to Love" in Deutschland. Die Bücher. Die 1. Die Episode "Delikatessen aus dem All" ist die 4. Click diesen Anbietern streamen:. Benutzernamen oder Passwort vergessen? Anmeldung erfolgt Die Episode "Die heissen Quellen der Hölle" ist die Giving them here as clothes, Lala told them that the effects will last about an hour, which unfortunately led to a bad time as Haruna's parents show up for a visit. All the girls enjoy using the big and spacious springs, while Saruyama and Rito are stuck using a very advise alien vs predator 3 film anschauen you and cramped one. The cat then suffers stomach pains and explains that she's pregnant, and that she accepted a mission to kill Lala before 9 xconfessions knew her pregnancy would become a problem. Nana and Momo hide in Rito's bathroom and the former beats him up when he sees them naked. Elsewhere, Tearju thanks Rito for helping her and asks him if Momo has new information about Mea. Rito finds out that, the next day, he needs to board possible shameless staffel 7 bs sorry Devilukean spaceship to prove he is really number one in the Universe. Rito read more Celine out for a walk and meets up with Yui. To love ru reihenfolge Sayaka is Yuuki Rito's classmate. Haruna ends up seeing Rito wearing a skirt.

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